Thérèse de Broqueville


de Broqueville
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Academic background:

  • Master of Law at the Catholic University in Louvain , 1978,
  • Family mediator (O.B.F.G. 2002).

Languages: French

Areas of expertise

  • Family and patrimonial law
  • Marriage, divorce, separation
  • Parental authority
  • Maintenance allowances and child support
  • Division of the common estate
  • Filiation, adoption
  • Family name

Thérèse de Broqueville was admitted to the Brussels’ Bar in 1981. 

As a member of the Firm since September 1987, she became partner in June 1988.

Thérèse de Broqueville is fully dedicated to the practice of family law:

  • Marriage, separation, divorce
  • Parental authority 
  • Maintenance allowances and child-support 
  • Family name 
  • Adoption
  • Patrimonial family law (liquidation of the matrimonial property, inheritance)
  • Family taxation
  • Family mediation

This area of law involves matters that closely touch upon people's lives, what requires empathy and attentiveness, while preserving distance and detachment at the same time, conditions that are crucial for the effectiveness of her legal interventions. 

Thérèse de Broqueville endorses a working ethical rule according to which each family conflict must and can be resolved solutions and cannot be exacerbated. The goal is reached when the case is closed and the client can begin a new and peaceful life.